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Raging Swan Press releases Dungeon Dressing Statues

This week, Raging Swan Press is proud to announce the release of Dungeon Dressing: Statues a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible GM’s RESOURCE by Creighton Broadhurst

War of the Goblin King

Ah well, one more thing you have to know: I love Goblins. In German, there is a saying that goes “Alte Liebe rostet nicht” (=literally “Old love doesn’t rust”) and this is true for me and goblins. I loved them in e.g. the classic “Axe of the Dwarvish Lords” and that was affection toward the creepy little buggers was rekindled by Paizo’s brilliant re-imagination of the critters. That being said, I may be a bit biased with regards to whether the Goblins are cool, but I try to review as neutral as possible.