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You are being laughed at!

I hate it when people try to take the piss. I hate it when they try to hide it under a veneer of “hey, I’m just like you!” bullshit. I have difficulties taking it, and therefore here goes this article/rant.

For the last few years we have seen, and quite a few of people applauded, comedy series that feature geek people. Big-Bang Theory, Community, The IT Crowd, The Guild, A Town Called Eureka…

Suddenly people are claiming that we geeks are “taking our place and being more accepted” because we’re getting more exposure on TV and the internet.

Bullshit. We are being laughed at!

Not sure I want to be a geek anymore…

I have no problem “being” a geek. It has helped shape the sort of person I am and I am very proud of that. And, quite frankly, I love being a geek because I love what it entails. I love the social aspect, the slightly esoteric hobbies, the idiosyncratic nature of our tastes, the passion that comes with being so attached to those hobbies, the community…

I think Wizards of the Coast has got it right.

Yes, my dear friends, I believe that WOTC has got it right with their current tendency. Or at least, with the way they’re going through.