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Paladins: Damned if you do, damned if you don’t!

I have always liked Paladins. The first ever character I played was a Paladin. The current character I am playing is Paladin. In the nearly 20 years I have been playing Role Playing Games, I have played Paladins, Knights and other moralistic and ethical type of military characters when available and if appropriate.

At the Heart of Evil

At the Heart of Evil is a free adventure by Headless Hydra Games for characters level 6 to 8 and revolves around the PCs exploring a ruined keep of the Order of the Sanguine Star. The keep has been corrupted and the order slaughtered by a paladin of said order turned blackguard.

Epicentre Rising

The introduction explains the concept, a series of short inter-connected adventures designed to occupy an evening’s play, centred around the Great City (mapped in beautiful detail by 0one Games) and somehow connected to a significant event. Which of course, is not yet explained, even to the GM!

Unlawful permissions Adventure hook.

The adventure runs in any locality of any realm our adventurers happen to be. It would be handy if any of them had connections in the town or within the castle, as there will be clues they will able to gather from the staff and the villagers along the adventure. The adventurers should be quite strong and willing to investigate, otherwise they could fall into an invasion that they will never be able to control or eradicate.

Wedding Knight

The introduction to this adventure provides an apposite reminder: in a game in which dynasties and bloodlines and the good of your House feature large, weddings are going to be very important events indeed.