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An Interview – Nigel Scarfe of Imagination Gaming

I’ve known about Imagination Gaming for a while now as one of my gaming buddies works with them. I also have seen the impressive beehive of activity in the Children’s Zone at UK Expo that is run by the very committed team led by Nigel Scarfe. All indications and comments that I have come across indicate that Nigel and his team are absolutely convinced that families are key to the future of our board gaming hobby.

G*M*S Magazine joins forces with Boardgames in Blighty

In an effort to bring you more news and expand the impressive content both websites feature, Boardgames in Blighty and G*M*S Magazine are joining forces to share content for both websites, and talent for the G*M*S Magazine Podcast.

Agency in scenario driven eLearning

First of all I will make this very clear; I am a game player -a big, big games fan. I have been playing videogames, board games and role playing games since I was a child and they have had a massive impact in developing my imagination, my visualisation skills, my social skills and even my empathy skills. This is important for me to make clear since the start of this article because I want everyone to know that I am biased. Yes, I believe in games as a medium to develop healthy personality traits and interaction skills.

Board games vs. video games and my progression into table top gaming

Posted in Board Game Dialog on August 31, 2010 by Michael Schroeder Each type of gaming has it’s place, be it, table top gaming (as my friend coined, “analog games”) or video gaming.  I most certainly enjoy board gaming more than video gaming, hence, why I have a board gaming blog and not a video…
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