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Boardgame Unboxing: Atlantic Triangle

Atlantic Triangle, a game from Mindwarrior Games is a 2-5 players designed by Esa Wiik. With a time play of 90 minutes, it’s not a quick game, though Mindwarrior Games tend to have out games that are rules light and easy to get to grips with. The Finnish company has released a number of games…
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Interview with Alf Seegert and Musée

By Paco Garcia Jaen Alf Seegert’s games came to my attention when The Road to Canterbury made to Kickstarter and, within 20 seconds, I had backed it. For three copies. Yeah… I liked it that much. And then came Fantastiqa. And I also liked that game. A lot. A huge, massive lot of lots. And…
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The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 107–Incredibrawl Kickstarter project

There are quite a few fighting games out there and I think it’s fair to say that few come close to Yomi and BattleCon. And yet that doesn’t deter some people from trying to bring out more experiences that will match, and hopefully surpass the mighty duo.

This is what V3G is trying to do with Incredibrawl and for that they’ve gone to Kickstarter to entice and attract the much needed players and funds that a game needs to hit the tables.

Shuriken – Viking Style Pillaging And Destruction, But With Ninja

I’m not sure if I’m getting some clout after all these years, but I was offered a chance to take a gander at a prototype version of the new Kickstarter project, Shuriken. I wasn’t paid to look at this, I wasn’t offered a free copy, nothing. I was just offered the chance to play a game that depicts a metric ton of funky ninja doing ninja stuff. So, while this is still a Kickstarter, which means that this review is only valuable if the 7/12/2013 draft of rules on their website remain the same. I can’t even comment on the components other than the dice (the same company is a dice company), because I have no idea if they’ll remain the same or, rather, as pictured on their Kickstarter page, which look really great.

Preview: Princes of the Dragon Throne

When David MacKenzie contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in playtesting of one of the game that was coming to Kickstarter, I jumped at the chance. We are talking about the company that released Alien Frontiers and Sunrise City… It’d be foolish to refuse!