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Pocket Hive at the UK Games Expo

With an iPhone app so you can play on the move with a rather clever AI, it offers a great deal of strategy and it is rather fun, and Pocket Hive means you can take it in your pocket (literally!) any time if you don’t have an iPhone.

Interview with Nine Worlds’ creator at the Uk Games Expo

Richard Denning is the organiser the UK and also the designer of Nine Worlds, a game based on the discovery of gods in the Norse Mythology.

Gung Ho Games at the UK Games Expo

Michael Fox talked to the guys of Gung Ho Games about their game Pirates of Nassau. I can’t say much about this game as I wasn’t there, so I guess you’ll have to watch the interview. However, and just in case you’re interested, here’s some blurb from the publisher’s website: The Golden Age of Piracy…
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Ragnar Brothers’ Anyways at the UK Games Expo

By Paco Garcia Jaen And the latest release from my foray into videoing at the UK Games Expo. I have never heard about Ragnar Brother’s or their games. Ever. So it would be unsurprising if you haven’t heard about them either, but Anyways caught my eye, mainly because I am dyslexic and words always catch…
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UK Games Expo interviews

managed to get out of the booth and go out there to interview some interesting characters.