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Conpulsion Episode 3–Italic Pig with Kevin Beimers

Third in the series of episodes from Conpulsion.

This time I bring you, with out most pleasure, an interview with Kevin Beimers, the mind behind Italic Pig. I could tell you what that is, but Kevin explains much better than I could during the interview.

Not an interview about RPGs or Board Games, but about videogames for the mobile platform, but I think you’ll find it interesting. Or I hope you will!

Conpulsion Episode 1 – World Building

I could tell everyone that I’ve been to Conpulsion. Again. But it’d be annoying because I keep going on about it. But that’s because it’s a great convention!

Anyway, while over there, I recorded some audio of the seminars – some of the seminars, that is – and I thought someone might be interested in them.

So here is the first of them and I’ll be releasing the rest as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, hope you enjoy this seminar about World Building with Ian Lowson, Phil Harris and Kevin Beimers!