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Article – If you think LGBTQI characters “don’t fit” in your game

Oftentimes I have found people complaining that LGBTQI characters don’t fit in some games. Somehow, having a non-straight character at the table could destroy the fine veil of historic believability a fantasy world has to offer. Needless to say, in the overwhelming majority of cases, the real reasons are nothing to do with history or…
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Article – Don’t take me for granted. Not fair.

By Paco Garcia Jaen Since I started my website, I have been very blessed by making a lot of friends in the game world and by getting some review copies of games (mostly board games). It is a privilege I don’t take lightly and I appreciate more than most people know. Today something “funny” happened…
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Article – I’ve had it with “whore”

By Paco Garcia Jaen Today, on the second decade of the 21st century and despite many protests from people who claim it is not the case, we still live in an awful sexist society and our hobby, the gaming hobby that claims to be ever so open-minded and clever is just as bad as any…
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Article – Why are we talking about them?

By Paco Garcia Jaen The release of D&D Starter Set sparked many reactions from a lot of people. Mostly, people have been excited and mostly they have been welcoming. Some people, though, have complained about how two individuals who were consulted. The extent of their influence on the game is unknown. I can understand that.…
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Article – Transilvania Game Convention Report

By Samuel Wilcocks Sometimes when you think you have planned just one or two moves ahead, the random factor can really whack you out of nowhere. So when I volunteered a while ago to write a report on the Transylvania International Gaming (TIG) con, held from 22nd-25th May 2014 in Cluj, Romania, I had no…
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