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Podcast Episode – The RPG Interview Room: Brendan Davis and Sertorius

Sertorius is the latest offering from Bedrock Games and has been launched, much to everyone’s surprise, without any Kickstarter influence whatsoever. And it looks pretty amazing. No, really. It does. After the publication of Arrows of Indra, the company devoted all their efforts into creating a game with an unique approach to magic and offer…
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Bedrock Games to release RPGPundit’s Arrows of Indra

We are pleased to announce that Bedrock Games and RPGPundit have teamed up to work on an exciting new project: Arrows of Indra. RPGPundit is the author of Forward…to Adventure!, Forward… to Adventure! Gamemaster’s Notebook!, and Gnome Murdered, as well as the upcoming Lords of Olympus. A notorious blogger (Rpgpundit.xanga.com), Pundit is also the owner…
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