The G*M*S Magazine Podcast – Spiel Episode 4

spiel-logoBy Paco Garcia Jaen

Fourth out of the five DVD episodes with more interviews, and this one is a cracker! We start with a truly excellent interviewee and end up with another just as interesting. Keep reading!

Vince_victory_pointWe start by interviewing Vince from Victory Point Games. Yes, THAT Victory Point games. The very one that used to produce their games in jiffy bags and now they have also boxes! Starting with Darkest Night, a cooperative game that raises the bar considerably in many aspects for the company.

matagotFrom an USA based company to a French one, but not just anyone. This is Matagot, and with Takenoko in the pocket, they release two games at Essen, River Dragons and Kemet. We catch up with their marketing manager and talk about the production of both games and the future plans for the company.

Didier_platoTo help cover more than just games, we also spoke with Didier Deller, the publisher of Plato International magazine. He is also behind Sit Down Games. Running a printed magazine is not easy at best, and to do it in our hobby is very, very difficult. Yet, Plato hasn’t just been going for over 5 years in France, it’s also expanding into the English speaking countries!

pascal_cadotAnd to prove they make lovely games, we also spoke to Pascal Cadot, the creator of Karnag. Really good fun to hear the story of how this gorgeous looking game was created and the gameplay behind it.

ignasiRobinson was, by far, one of the hottest releases at Spiel. Portal Publishing surprised everyone by releasing a game that was as good as it promised and looked as good as it needed to. Caught up with Ignasi to talk about Robinson, The Convoy and a lot more.

engelsteinAnd last, but by no means least, we also talked to Geoff Engelstein, one of the most prolific and scientific minds in the world of game design. Thanks to Stronghold Games, he was around with Space Cadet, his latest endeavour.


Look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy the show!

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