Spiel 2012 day one summary

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The fist day of Spiel is over and it couldn’t have lived more up to our expectations.

Even though the start of the day was a bit chaotic, once we were inside the halls, it was overwhelming. The sheer size of the exhibition is truly staggering and the atmosphere is electric.

Pretty much as soon as we got in, we visited the nice guys at Indie Board & Card Games, who were sharing a booth with Stronghold Games. A quick chat with Travis, the company’s CEO, I learned the copies of Flash Point were stuck at customs and would be, hopefully arriving later in the day. Thank goodness they did arrived and by 4PM I was the proud owner of a copy, the expansion and the gorgeous fire-fighter Meplees. Could not be happier.

The I cannot say the same about Panic Stations, from Stronghold games. Right away that morning there was a queue long enough to buy that game and it sold out within minutes. To see that was really amazing!

A quick interview with Justin Gary, designer of the terrific Ascension and the upcoming Redakai, just to prove that the man is a nice as his game. You can look forward to that one in our soon to come out podcast in a week or so!

The other highlights of the day have been Dragon Rampage from Eagle and Giffon Games and a new game that I have never heard of and I will probably fall in love with, Space Maze. I will be coming back to interview the designer, so more to come in the podcast too!

For now, though, this writer and podcaster has a date with Morpheus to get ready for another long day tomorrow!

See you soon!



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