Smash Up demo at the UK Games Expo

SU-3D-box-wiconsBy Paco Garcia Jaen

During the UK Games Expo I was fortunate enough to play a round of Smash Up with Mark Wootton, who, although his business card says something else, is the Director of All Things Cool at Alderac Entertainment Group.

He brought a prototype of Smash Up, a deck building game in which players battle against each other for world dominance.

“Oh, another one of those” I hear you say. Well no! This one is actually tremendous fun, very easy to play and looks totally gorgeous. Trust me on this one, if I can pick it up and play in a matter of minutes, it’s a simple game to play and if you want to see how much fun it is.. well, here’s the video.

The game is available from August 2012 and you should place your order to get it. Now.

Mark Wootton and Paco G. Jaen play a round or two of Smash Up!
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