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RPG Review – Dungeons & Dragons 4e: To the Edge of the Map

By Megan Robertson The first part of the Slayers of the Great Serpent saga for Dungeons & Dragons 4e, this adventure for characters starting at 1st level takes them on an epic journey. Publisher’s blurb: “The story begins when a messenger arrives at the royal court with a warning of apocalyptic magnitude. A terrible menace…
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Enhanced 4E: Combat in Motion

I like crunchy things. When I have a sandwich at lunch time, I like to have a packet of crisps with it (that’s chips if you’re in the US of A) and eat it with my sandwich because it adds a touch of saltiness and a lot of crunch. What can I say, I am a crunchy kind of man. But it has to be the right kind of crunch. For example, the crunch from pork crackling or cheese and onion nachos (I don’t like cheese and onion) wouldn’t be right. Also it has to come in the right dose. I don’t to have to have a huge slab or crunchiness, I want bite sizes. This product is to D&D 4E what a packet of crisps is to my sandwich. It adds that extra bit of crunch.

Dungeons & Dragons Volume 3: Down

Ever since I read the first one, I have been a massive fan of IDW’s series of D&D based comic books. As you can imagine, when this one came out, I was almost with the finger on the mouse to get it right away. It wasn’t what I was expecting, though!

Dungeons & Dragons First Encounters – Vol. 2

By Paco Garcia Jaen Not long ago I had the pleasure to get my hands on the first volume of the D&D First Encounters saga, the Shadowplague volume. It was a treat! Just in case you haven’t seen that review (you should) or have the book (you should too), this is a graphic novel published…
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Dungeons & Dragons Volume 1: Shadowplague HC

I got this book at Dragonmeet pretty much by accident. I stumbled upon it in the second hand table and, because it was cheap and it was colourful, I bought it. Little did I know I was going to enjoy it so much and what it kept inside!