Realms of the Ancients in Kickstarter

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imortal_houseRichmond, VA – A local gaming and publishing company has formally launched a Kickstarter campaign on June 15th, seeking support to finalize a tabletop roleplaying game that will create a new standard of excellence in the gaming world. Immortal House, a company that has already published the first novel in a five part series, is now in development of a roleplaying game that pushes tabletop gaming to the next level.

After 10 years in production and 2 years of beta testing, the Realms of the Ancients “ROTA” tabletop roleplaying game is nearing completion. Born from a sci-fi/fantasy world setting that was created and expanded over the last 16 years, the game combines a core rule system that gives players the flexibility to deal with any scenario, while simultaneously allowing for them to evolve their characters to near god-like status.

In Realms of the Ancients “ROTA”, players experience a game that allows their characters to change with the storyline. Unlike other tabletop roleplaying games, where characters created at the beginning of the game are almost exactly the same at the end, ROTA allows players to evolve their characters as the game progresses giving them the ability to handle whatever challenges they encounter. The character progression is dependent on both the player and on what develops in the storyline, creating an air of mystery and suspense as players never know what exciting challenges and adversaries may be around the next corner.

The Kickstarter campaign is to fund the cost of the editing, illustrations and printing of the roleplaying game manual. It will run until August 2nd and any additional proceeds from the campaign will be re-invested back into Immortal House for the production of game expansions and novels currently in development.

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