Rakham Vale: Interview with Brian Saliba

Rakham Vale is an RPG inspired by the work of iconic artist Arthur Rakham. In this episode we have an interview with co-creator, Brian Saliba.

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When the world was one hundred years younger, during the Golden Age of British Book Illustration, Arthur Rackham and his paint box gave birth to some of the most transportive, iconic, and magical images of all time. His work brought to life characters and settings from famous fairy tales, ancient mythology, and timeless classics.

In Rackham Vale these images are given new life for use in your tabletop role-playing games. Rackham’s characters, creatures, and scenes become NPCs, villains, and a hidden-vale, sandbox setting that can be dropped into any RPG campaign that could do with a touch of magic, mystery, and old-time weirdness.

In addition to high adventure, weird creatures, dark sorcery, and oodles of riddling, tricksy, ribald fairy folk, you’ll find:

  • 154 pages and 100+ Rackham illustrations.
  • An original map by Joe N. Brown.
  • An original factions graphic that charts relationships for easy reference.
  • Dozens of adventure hooks.
  • A fully illustrated bestiary of 24 new creatures based on Rackham’s artwork.
  • Tables for generating new settlements and creatures that fit the setting.
  • A preparation checklist for GMs.
  • Content that prioritizes accessibility and utility.
  • Stats for OSE, although the setting is compatible with and easily adapted to other systems.

Product Specs

154 pages, A5-size, color throughout

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