Raging Swan releases Wondrous Treasures

c3cb55841353[1]This week, Raging Swan Press is proud to announce Wondrous Treasures by Creighton Broadhurst.

Some magic items are easy to add to your character. Adjusting your character’s attacks to take into account his new +1 longsword or increasing his armour class after buying +2 scale mail is a doddle. However, working out exactly what other magic items, like the infamous rod of wonder, do is harder.

Wondrous Treasures banishes this problem by presenting detailed write-ups of the standard versions of the bags of tricks, figurines of wondrous power, horn of Valhalla, robe of bones, robe of useful items and the rod of wonder (including full stat blocks of all the creatures called forth and so on). Designed to easily fit into your character’s folder, Wondrous Treasures contains all the information you need to quickly and easily get the most out of these useful and iconic wondrous items.

Note that because Wondrous Treasures is a compilation product, if you own some of all of the above mentioned products, it might not be for you!

You can check out the contents of Wondrous Treasures here.

And don’t forget, Wondrous Treasures is a Dual Format PDF and is included in Raging Swan’s Free PDFs promotion.

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