Pre-orders started for Warparty.

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Box CoverA new and promising game has just started to take pre-orders at a much reduced price than the retail price via Lock’nLoad Games.

Warparty is a fantasy based war game for 2 to 4 players.  The Goblins and Undead are war with the Humans and Dwarves.  Players can recruit heroes to explore dungeons, fight monsters and gain treasure, or simply use the heroes to fight against their enemy.  In addition to heroes each army has 10 or more different units to use against their enemies.  Half of each armies units are unique to that army.

The game involves the conquering territory which fosters economy, building and development of cities and technology.  There are also rituals and ceremonies for the more spiritual and arcane armies.

To find out more about this game visit the Warparty website for more information.


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