Dear Some Straight Gamer

Dear some Straight Gamers: Visibility Matters!

We don’t always think of visibility in games. It happens very often we look at games and we see nothing wrong with them. The plot is there and is engaging, challenging and original. The monsters are there and they are well placed, well balanced and dangerous. The locations make sense and they provide all the nooks […]

Dear Some Straight Gamer – Why should you?

There are times when we need characters and considering LGBTQI+ characters simply scapes us. We just don’t think about it and we go on writing or otherwise designing what we like and know. And, although this is something controversial, if you don’t consider LGBTQI+ characters for your game, you will never be able to provide […]

Dear Some Straight Gamers Video – Pilot Episode

As a gay man, I suffer from some issues that straight people don’t even realise are there. It is rare the day I don’t hear or see someone using my sexual orientation as a form of insult or denigration. The thing is, I don’t feel people do it maliciously. It is just an internalised homophobia […]

Podcast Episode – Dear Some Straight Gamers – Pilot Episode

Dear Some Straight Gamers is a new show in our podcast channel that deals with issues that LGBTQI+ face in our hobby. Although tabletop gaming is a pretty inclusive and welcoming environment, there are still pockets of straight people who insist on erasing anyone who does not identify as heterosexual from games and even the […]

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