Podcast Episode – The Boardgame Interview Room: Thrash Car, a Kickstarter project

thrash-carBy Paco Garcia Jaen

Yes friends we have another interview with a Kickstarter project, and this one could very well be of interest!

Although it looks like a racing game, it’s not a racing game. Even though it looks like a funny and silly game it’s not…. err… sorry, yes, it is a funny game that can get very silly.

You see, Thrash Car is the sort of game that, with the right group and if you’re prepared to be mean to your friends, could be really good fun indeed and the creators are making a lot of effort to make sure it turns up really, really fun.

But, as usual with Kickstarter, knowing what to expect is a bit of a lottery because you’re paying for a product that doesn’t exist yet. So doing these interviews is the way from G*M*S Magazine to actually try to find out as much as we can and tell you all about it so you can make an informed decision.

Hope you do make an informed decision and hope you tell me what it was!

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