Podcast Episode – The RPG Room: So you want to be a freelance?

freelancingI think it’s safe to say that every single roleplaying games out there has, at some point, wanted to write games. Whether it is for their own adventures, new classes, professions, spells… and fully fledged games too, of course.

The RPG industry relies quite heavily on freelancers because few companies can afford to hire full-time writers. And when they do, they can afford to hire the best of the best.

Also a lot of *incredible* writers decide to become freelancers anyway because that gives them a lot of freedom to do different projects and never become stagnant.

But how does one become a freelance?

Well, Jim Pinto has been a freelance for long, long time and has worked with more than can (or wants to) remember. Vickey Beaver does a lot of work with a lot of freelancers and I have a few of them at the office and help with the recruitment process in my company, so between the three of us know a thing or two about becoming one.

And if you want to become one, follow this pro who’s making a career as a freelance: http://www.freelanceknight.com/

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