Podcast Episode The RPG Room: Ethics in Gaming Journalism

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moralityandethicsimg[1]There is a lot to be said for ethics in games journalism. The fact is that it’s a very grey area because most of the journalism that goes on is done by amateurs for the love of it. Whether it is for boardgames or roleplaying games, there are just a handful of professional websites that are businesses.

And those numbers are *tiny* compared with the number of bloggers and video-bloggers out there. People writing reviews, articles and giving opinions about games of all sorts.

But are we an ethical lot? Probably not, though we also probably try our best and we’re not unethical maliciously.

There’s just not an established code of ethics in our media and, let’s face it, we all do what we want to do.

So what’s the solution?

We discuss some options in this episode.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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