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TellAFriend[1]By Paco Garcia Jaen and Endzeitgeist

Welcome friends to the first of hopefully many episodes of a new show, the RPG Review Room, in which we’ll bring the most prolific reviewer out there, Endzeitgeist to bring us reviews of the best and worst products he’s recently read.

To make sure he’s not the carrying all the weight of the reviews, which would be very unfair on him, I will endeavour to also read and therefore review, as many games as  possible.

So in this occasion we start with Kobold Press, The Rise of the Drow Kickstarter and something to do with lycanthropes that Endzeitgeist has actually authored and not just reviewed. Yep! That’s all I’ll say… you’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out more! It’ll be worth it!

We also talk about:

Panataxia: One of the Four Dollar Dungeons, a series of standalone adventures designed to be logical, entertaining, challenging and balanced, and easily integrated into any campaign world.

Each adventure has enough material to last two to three playing sessions and enough experience to raise four characters of the appropriate level up by one extra level. Treasure is commensurate with the encounter challenges faced. Scaling information is included for adventuring parties of five or six.

It Came from the Stars Campaign Guide: The It Came from the Stars Campaign Guide brings the mystery of the unknown and the weird to your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game with new player options, new monsters and other GM options, and new adventures. Mystery, wonder, and terror from the starry vastness await you. Whether you play in a world that is already aware of what lies beyond or that has been so far oblivious, it’s about to get ugly.

The Slaver Caves of Dorden: In the dark winter months near the hamlet of Baruth, a menace is growing. Locals have been kidnapped and sold into slavery in the mines to the north. Recently liberated from a cold and calculating dictator, the town seeks heroes to mount a rescue. Far beneath the foreboding Mountains of Dorden, an evil that has remained hidden for centuries will soon be unleashed on the realms unless someone intervenes to save those kidnapped and stop the growing evil.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Campaign: Where the dungeon ends, another adventure begins! Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Campaign takes you on a guided tour through the parts of the game that happen between monster attacks and quests for ancient artefacts. As some of the most powerful and prestigious heroes around, do your player characters want to build up a kingdom of their own, or lead an army against a neighboring nation? Perhaps they want to start a business, craft magic items, or embark on a quest that will come to define them. Whether you’re looking for help generating a young character or seeking ways to challenge adventurers who’ve grown bored of fighting monsters one-on-one, this book has everything you need!

Ultimate Rulership: If your characters are building a kingdom, you cannot miss this 40-page product! Designed as a perfect complement to the newly revised kingdom-building system, Ultimate Rulership contains a dazzling array of new options including new Edicts for royal commissions and endowments, espionage and festivals, and militarism and recruiting new armies. Add nearly 20 new buildings for your cities from Aeries to Tunnels, Hanging Gardens to Crematoria. Guidelines for population and military recruitment, and for integrating settlement attributes, kingdom events, and danger levels; naturally advantageous sites and exotic city locales from cliff dwellings to treetop towns to cities under the sea!

Achtung! Cthulhu: Achtung! Cthulhu brings you a two-fisted wartime CALL OF CTHULHU roleplaying game setting packed full of fiendish Nazis, terrifying ancient mysteries, legendary war machines, and enough writhing tentacles to fill ten Reichstags!

¡Gañanes! is a roleplaying from the Cliffhanger range of products by Spanish editorial Ludotecnia. A collection of quick to prepare and fast to run role playing games sold in shops for €3.50, which is very cheap for you and me.

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