Podcast Episode – The RPG Interview Room: Tabletop Connect with Carl Pinder

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tabletop_connect_splash_screenSome of us have friends all over the world and with social networks and convention attending, it’s very easy to meet people with a common interest. And continuing with a game you start while away, or simply when you’re on holidays be able to attend your weekly game and keep the paladin doing paladin stuff.

Virtual tables have been the topic of much talk in the last few years and they’re getting better and better, though some people are still reluctant to use them. Me included.

So I decided to get together with virtual tabletop creator and podcast listener Carl Pinder, who is on the process of creating a truly interesting and versatile platform called Tabletop Connect.

He did get me a lot closer to be looking forward to using  the software and I have to say there are lots of features that I think are very, very interesting.

Please remember to take a look at his website and watch the videos and hope you enjoy the show!

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