Podcast Episode – The RPG Interview Room: Steve Kenson and Blue Rose

BlueRoseCoverIn 2005, Green Ronin published a pretty different fantasy game called Blue Rose. It defined itself as a Romantic Fantasy Roleplaying Game and it made a point of having social inclusion and diversity as part of the setting and ethos of the whole game.

As oftentimes happen, the game became in need of some updating and TLC and it languished for a few years despite the fact that it was far from forgotten.

Now the time has come and Green Ronin is once again gathering a team of writers, illustration artists, game designers and the team needed to get a new and better edition of the game out next year.

For starters it’s expanding on the lore of the game and also changing its system from True 20 to AGE.

In Kickstarter at the time of recording this podcast, funded and having cracked a few stretch goals, I decided to talk to its line and lead developer, Steve Kenson, to find out more about Blue Rose and what we can expect from this new edition.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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