Podcast Episode – The RPG Interview room: Realms of Twilight

realms-of-twilightRealms of Twilight is a fantasy campaign setting created by Daniel Marshal and BJ Hensley from Silver Crescent Publishing currently being funded in Kickstarter.

Now, Pathfinder setting campaigns are three a penny (or a dime, if you will) and it is actually rather hard to find something that’s different and adds something new, not just from the point of view of setting originality, but also to what they add to the rules and feel of the game.

Realms of Twilight tried to fund a while ago and, unfortunately, it didn’t hit its target and the authors decided to keep working on it, refine it and now they are back to have a second go.

After some trying, we managed to get together for an interview and find out what makes this setting so special. It transpires that it is quite a lot!

Warning, I messed up the times and I had to do the interview from my office, so the sound quality from our end is not as good as it normally is. My apologies for that.

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the show!

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