Podcast episode – The RPG Interview Room: Hero Forge Kickstarter

hero_forgeBy Paco Garcia Jaen

I’ve been waiting for Hero Forge for years and years and years and years. A company that can produce customised and bespoke  minis, printed on demand and to a such a high standard that there is no difference between those minis and those produced by more established companies.

At least that’s what they claim and that’s why I thought it’d be a good idea to invite the two instigators and chief thinkers of the company to find out what their plans are, what sort of miniatures, the artwork behind the minis, how are they going to avoid problems in the future and also what plans they have for the future!

Joshua Bennet and Teagan Morrison joined me to discuss all sorts of things and face some unnerving questions they probably weren’t expecting!

Hope you enjoy the show!

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