Podcast Episode – The Boardroom with Mr. Flip the Table himself, Chris Michaud!

FTTAlbumArt2013By Dr. Mike Reddy

Show notes for episode #001

This podcast was recorded between the 11th October and the 11th November 2013

00:00 Introduction

02:58 What We’ve Been Playing:

  • 02:58 Dungeon Roll (Paco)
  • 12:12 Stone Age (Kara)
  • 12:48 Love Letter (Kara and Paco)
  • 13:15 Fauna (Kara)
  • 14:36 Pixel Lincoln (Paco)
  • 17:15 Mice and Mystics (Paco)
  • 22:33 Battleships: The Card Game (Dr. Mike)
  • 26:11 Monopoly Deal (Kara)

27:38 Preparation for Essen (Paco and Kara)

Paco and Kara tell us of their plans for Spiel in Essen. Of course it is done and dusted now and they are safely back in the UK. Look out for news and interviews about Essen on this feed.

30:58 Teaser for Monopoly Wars Part One (Dr. Mike)

Dr. Mike teases the interview with Chris Michaud of the Flip the Table podcast, about the virtues of Monopoly; see later in this episode! We will be revisiting this debate with future guests arguing against the dreaded ‘M’ word of gaming…

32:12 More Games Paco has been playing:

  • 32:12 Spartacus (Paco and Kara) -Dr. Mike corrects the pronunciation of “gladiator”
  • 37:06 CO2 (Paco) including mentions of
  • 40:00 Terra Mystica (Paco)
  • 40:38 CaRBoNiCiTy (Dr. Mike)

48:30 Teaser for the Boardgame Review Room: First Play Reviews (Paco)

  • 53:01 Ladies Slacks [The IT Crowd] (Kara)

54:46 Teaser for Android and iOS Board Games (Dr. Mike)

  • 55:53 Words with Friends: The Board Game (Dr. Mike and Kara)
  • 57:36 Civilisation (Kara)

58:06 In which we cover old ground 🙂

  • 58:06 Battleships: The Card Game (redux)
  • 58:30 Mice and Mystics (redux)
  • 59:16 Love Letter (redux)
  • 01:00:28 Paco believes in Santa!
  • 01:00:59 Zombicide
  • 01:01:35 Santa IS real, and so is the Tooth Fairy!
  • 01:05:00 Essen (redux)
  • 01:08:20 BSc Computer Game Development

01:11:00 Part Two: Interview with Chris Michaud from the Flip the Table Podcast

01:11:46 Introduction and Counters Board Game Cafe

01:13:18 What We’ve Been Playing (redux) including:

  • 01:13:48 Nibble Nibble (Dr. Mike)
  • 01:15:01 Rhino Rampage (Dr. Mike)
  • 01:15:56 Forbidden Island (Dr. Mike and Chris)
  • 01:16:10 Forbidden Desert (Chris)
  • 01:16:58 Roll Through the Ages (Chris)
  • 01:17:57 Forbidden Desert [redux]  (Chris)
  • 01:19:02 Dominion (Chris)

01: 21:00 Monopoly Wars debate with Chris from Flip the Table

01:52:36 The Outro and Belated Goodbyes from Paco and Kara

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