Podcast Episode – The Boardgame Review Room: X-Wing

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x-wingBy Paco Garcia Jaen, Michael Chamberlain and Max Murray

Star Wars has been at the heart of Science Fiction and geek culture since the first time it was screened in 1977 and the X-Wing has been one of the most iconic space crafts in the series.

Thus it was no surprise that Fantasy Flight chose that very name for their Star Wars based miniatures game when they obtained the license from Lucas Arts.

No doubt it was a big and pricey gamble for the company and they had to ensure they hit the nail on the head with this game. With the talent and passion of Jay Little behind the overall design of the miniature game as well as the Role Playing Game, the whole operation was set for a good start.

However, no matter how good the designer behind the scenes is and how gorgeous the miniatures look, no game is fit for everyone and we had to check for ourselves if this was actually as good as people say.

So we sat down and played the game so we could tell you all about our experience.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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