Podcast Episode The Boardgame Review Room: Sentinel Tactics

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pic1970559_tWhen Sentinels of the Multiverse came out, it rightly turned some faces. Because the game is rather terrific. Or I think so at least.

Not everyone liked it, like my colleague Michael, who found it too bland for his card games tastes. To each their own!

Now, after a few expansion, a few more hundred illustrations, more heroes, more villains and more games, Greater than Games has brought to us a new game; Sentinel Tactics. Same heroes, same villains, same super powers.

Different game.

This time is a really tactical game in which superheroes will band together to fight the villains who want to destroy your beloved city. In this game, the story develops as the rules evolve and the challenges become harder and harder as the game advances.

But is it any good? We sat around the table and had a go to see how this game plays for the first time.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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