Podcast Episode – The Boardgame Review Room: Oh no… INVASION!

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pic1337930_t[1]Oh no… Invasion! is a small coop game by FableSmith and designer Joost Das, the same clever guy who brought us Ortus.

This time, far from being a competitive game, is a cooperative one. And one that holds no punches in being difficult to beat.

Our planet is being invaded by a number of aliens that come in many shapes and sizes and we have to ally our forces to defeat them. Sharing resources and taking risks to blow the pesky aliens off the sky will take a lot more effort than the whimsical and silly look of the aliens will make you believe.

However how does this game play for the first time? We tell you!

Hope you enjoy the show and if you want to buy a copy of the game (you probably should…) you can do so here.

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