Podcast Episode – The Boardgame Review Room Gluck Auf

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Podcast Episode – The Boardgame Review Room Gluck Auf

gluck_aufI haven’t played an Euro with good theme since O2. And that wasn’t a game for beginners either. In fact it was quite a hard game.

Michael Chamberlain was very excited about Gluck Auf but, since for him a headache induced by a game is the best way to rate how good a game is, I was a bit apprehensive.

The fact that this game is by Michael Kiesling and Wolfgang Kramer did put me at ease a bit, but not much. It sounded like a heavy game and I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy it.

Then we started to play it and I have to say this game surprised me… a lot.

As well as looking totally gorgeous, the game plays with some mechanics and mechanisms that surprised me in the best possible way.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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