Podcast Episode – The Boardgame Interview Room: The Bespoke Geek

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bespoke_geek_logoSometimes people have great ideas and they need to go to Kickstarter to get them realised because money is tight. That’s the whole principle of Kickstarter, I know. But I also know that some people have grown increasingly cynical of some projects that go to Kickstarter for the marketing and not the need.

This is not one of those situations. The Bespoke Geek is a newly created company that wants to bring cosplaying into every day dressing by creating gaming related clothes you can wear to work. Or the park. Or the cinema.

You get the point.

And this is something else that’s very cool about this project. It’s creative, games related but not a game and it’s been created by a gamer who’s got other interests too.

And just for that, this project deserves backing.

But to make sure you get all the facts, here’s this interview with Kara Gander, the designer behind the project.



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