Podcast Episode – The Boardgame Interview Room: Luchador Mexican Wrestling Dice

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Podcast Episode – The Boardgame Interview Room: Luchador Mexican Wrestling Dice

pic1718403_t[1]Luchador: Mexican Wrestling Dice is the  design of Mark Rivera and brings to the table the feeling of a wrestling match on the table.

And it does pretty well at that!

Released at Spiel 2013, the game was a sold-out in days and it’s been well received. Simple to play, silly fun and lots of dice rolling make a compelling experience that’s just fun. Not a lot of thinking, not a lot of arguing… just fun.

Each player represents a wrestler and the dice will determine the moves for each player and the result of the roll will determine who lasts the longest in the ring. With a team play game available, swapping places with your friends to roll the dice really seems to double the fun.

Now Backspindle games, the publisher behind the game, has taken onto Kickstarter to fund a second edition of the game with more wrestlers, more gameplay and more fun.

I spoke to Mark Rivera and Dave Brashaw to find out more about this new edition of the game that should be gracing your collection very soon.

Even sooner if you back the Kickstarter project!

Hope you enjoy the show!

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