Podcast Episode – The Boardgame Interview Room: Athlas – Duel for Divinity

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athlasAthlas – Duel for Divinity is the offering that Golden Egg Games has currently going in Kickstarter.

A game in which the players take on the roles of god-like creatures who must uncover the secrets of creation and must learn to manipulate time and space in order to gain the abilities needed to create armies and survive the challenges laid ahead by the Athilian Council.

Golden Egg Games has produced some very good looking, and just as good playing, games in the past and this project makes the company look like they’re upping their standard of quality for their productions. The images look totally gorgeous and the design seems solid.

But what does it really have to offer?

I got together with Elad Goldsteen, the man behind the company to have a chat and ask him about the past, present and future of Athlas: Duel for Divinity and the company in general.

This is one to watch out for!

Hope you enjoy the show!

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