Podcast Episode – The Boardgame Interview Room: 12 Realms with Alexander Argyropoulos

12_realms.jpgRecently we reviewed 12 Realms in the Boardgame Review room and somehow we managed to dislike it.

A combination of expectations not being met, mechanics we didn’t like, length of time we didn’t expect… It didn’t sit down well with us.

And yet a lot of people love it, so we thought we might have got it wrong somehow.

That and we really like Mage Company. We like Wrong Chemistry and we like the owners. They are good guys.

So we couldn’t just give the game a bad review and not ask what was going and what did the originators of the game made of our review. Rather than doing it for our own benefit, we invited Alexander to come to the podcast and have an interview to discuss the reasons why we didn’t like the game. And he agreed!

Hope you enjoy this interview, and I will say from the offset that Alexander was absolutely fantastic. Can’t thank him enough!

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