Podcast episode – The Board Game Review Room: Steam Park

steam_parkBy Paco Garcia Jaen, Michael Chamberlain and Max Murray

Steam Park comes from the company that entertained us with Dungeon Fighter released this lovely looking game at Spiel 2013.

With cute looks and some delightful art work by the same artist that gave Dixit its idiosyncratic and recognisable feel, the assembly parts that come with this game do promise quite a lot.

The charming theme, creating your own theme park to entertain and delight your visitors. Simple, right?

Not so fast! You’ll have to keep your park clean and well looked after to earn money, and if you also complete your missions successfully, you’ll make even more money!

And all this in a family game!

We sat around and had a game to find out if Steam Park is as family friendly and as lovely as it seems.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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