Podcast episode – The Board Game Review Room: Mice and Mystics review

mice_and_mysticsHello everyone, today we are bring you our Mice and Mystics review for the first time!

Please, do come in and make yourself confortable. There are still some seats at the front here.

The Boardgame Review Room is open!

Today we take a look at Mice and Mystics, a game from Plaid Hat Games that took the world by storm and showed how dungeon crawlers are done.

Not just that, it also showed the world that family games can be challenging for adults and children alike while being mega fun.

And that they can be gorgeous too!

You might think after reading my introduction you don’t need to hear the podcast and must head to the shop to get a copy of this game, but since the podcast is less than 30 minutes and it’s going to take you at least that time to get to your shop, you might as well listen to us talking about the game on your way there.

Enjoy the show!

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