Podcast episode – The Board Game Review Room: Kingdom

KingdomEveryone knows that angels and demons are going to fight, like they do in Kingdom. That’s what they do because… because they’re angels and demons. And there are kingdoms to conquer and one can’t stand each other.

Who needs any more reasons?


Black Locust Games decided to make a game based on the theme. This is a card game for two players full of absolutely gorgeous looking cards in which the players rage a battle to win control of the universe.

The copy we received was a pre-production copy, so we can’t comment on how good or how much better the final product will be, but it is pretty good already and the cards felt very nice, so I can imagine the final version will be pretty stunning.

Although the game wasn’t in Kickstarter when the podcast was recorded, it’s getting funded at the time of publishing this podcast and we sincerely hope you’ll take a look at it because it’s certainly well worth it.

Michael Chamberlain and Max Murray have taken a look at the game and they liked it… that’s quite an endorsement!

Hope you enjoy the show!

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