Podcast Episode – The Board Game Interview Room with Uwe Eickert

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Academy_gamesMany people hear the words “historical games” and immediately get the unavoidable urge to yawn. Loudly.

Yet, Academy Games has challenged that yawn reaction time and time again, and time and time again they’ve been successful.

With an impressive collection of games of which their series Conflict of Heroes continues to succeed and draw new fans, Uwe (pronounced “oova”) Eickert and his team of merry humans take a no-nonsense approach to games that are carefully crafted to reflect history accurately and uncompromisingly.

This includes tackling subjects as sensitive as the abolitionist movement and, in the near future, more modern wars and social movements.

Kickstarter has also played a great role in helping the company grow and to say that Academy Games’ have enjoyed great results would be a disservice to how well they’ve done.

With a project going on at the time of publishing this podcast called Fief that has already obtained more than ten times the initial amount they were aiming for, we had the pleasure of catching up with Uwe Eicktert and ask him a few questions about the company, he games and what the future might bring.

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