Podcast episode – The Board Game Interview Room: Argent: The Consortium by Level 99 Games

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Avatar_Nostros-150x150[1]By Paco Garcia Jaen

Level 99 has been a company I’ve been very keen on since I learned about Brad Talton some three years ago. I backed their Kickstarter project for Mystic Empyrean and since they’ve had a whole load of projects that have been successful, which is pretty good!

They are the minds behind BattleCon, one of the best fighting games out there. Also, of course, its expansion.

Pixel Tactics also features as a fantastic game, by the way!

Now they are again in Kickstarter with a game called Argent: The Consortium, a game the promises to mix Euro and Ameritrash experiences so everyone has a way to play that suits their tastes.

And it sounds jolly good too, with some really cool victory conditions.

But don’t let me give you any spoilers before the podcast.

Enjoy the show!

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