Podcast Episode – Pre-Spiel preparations with Michael Chamberlain

internationale-spieltage-spiel_logo_01By Paco Garcia Jaen

And the biggest and best convention of the year is almost under way. Michael Chamberlain and I have been hard at work – well, mostly Michael – finding out what could be interesting and what games we want to take a proper look at this year. Also who we’ll be interviewing.

We asked a bunch of people to send us some clips as well, describing what their games are all about and why we should be interested in getting them.

This episode is a one-off and is a wee-bit longer than usual, but we have *so much* stuff to go through that we, simply, couldn’t make it any shorter.

Still, hope it’ll give you a good idea of what’s to come and, if you can’t make it to Spiel, head to your shop and start pre-ordering/nagging them to get the games you want.

There are many game you want. Trust me…

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