Podcast episode one is here!

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It is with great pleasure that I announce we have our first podcast ever!

After quite a few weeks of planning, chatting, playing, recording, editing, learning and enjoying, we have our first podcast uploaded and ready to be heard.

In this episode:

  • Interview with Billy Bolt, one of the minds behind PK Cards and inventor of Jawbreaker, a soon to be released card game that will take the world by surprise!
  • "Geek is the New Cool", opinion piece by Paco Garcia Jaen
  • Interview with Alexander Inca, the artist behind the magnificent work in Age Past
  • Paco Garcia Jaen and Dale Medhurst talk in depth about Luna Llena, a new board game by Spanish company Gen X
  • "Rafa Replies", a feature where Rafael Benitez answers questions on games and his passion for gaming.

You can listen to it by visiting the G*M*S Magazine Podcast Page.

Or download it directly by clicking here.


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