Pleasing the troll – Article


I have mentioned in the past that I have a troll in Spain. Someone who actually dislikes me and I have had a few arguments with because he is an asshole.

This is not me saying so, though. He himself says so at the start of each video with a stupid disclaimer in which he insists on saying that because what he says is just his opinion and that is his channel, if people don’t like they can go and fuck themselves (he literally says that) and that his opinion is uninformed; the sort of conversation one would have around a table in a pub.


Well, he made a video “review” of my Protocol crowdfunding campaign.

Because that is what he does. He goes to Verkami or KS or any other and rips the campaigns to pieces for no reason other than he can. All of it under the guise of “it’s about time someone called on people for what they do wrong”. Because that is what the world needs… more people saying bad things.

To be honest, I was not interested in is so-called opinion. But I followed my friend Pablo’s advice and listened to the video.

And I am actually a bit lost now. Not sure how to take it.

He actually likes it. A lot.

He praised the video and how well I sell the product. The explanation videos on how the game works. The testimonies from people who have played the game. The stretch goals.

The only “negative” things he said is that I don’t mention the quality of the final book (which I actually and that 8€ “for what is just 8 pages of A4 paper stapled together” is too extremely expensive (thus missing the point of value vs. price and production costs and sales vs. profit margins).

Essentially his “review” was just an 18 minute overview of the project and why he liked it, even though he doesn’t like narrative RPGs. Apparently he rather watch a piece of wood rot than play one of those, even though he loves to watch that sort of games in YouTube.

So, on the one hand, I am really proud that I have created a campaign that not even a troll can dislike (maybe that is why is going so well).

On the other… I have to get to grips with the fact that my troll likes something I do. It’s like getting the respect of your nemesis. I don’t want it. It’s like having the class bully approving of your hobbies and yet still bullying you.

I don’t know… I am just going to dwell on it while I tidy up and clean my apartment.

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