Pirate Ship

92817[1]By Thilo Graf

This instalment of Jonathan Robert’s Fantastic Maps series comes as a 59-page-pdf, 1 page front cover, 1 page how-to use.

The 1-page overview of the ship offers us a pirate ship with 12 scorpions/ballistae and 3 masts and after that, the blown-up version for use with miniatures spanning 28 pages comes as both full-color and b/w. The map itself is a stunning beauty to behold, as I’ve come to expect of Jonathan Robert’s work and features grids.

It should be noted that the support does not end here: In tradition with the extra-mile-mentality of the series, we get full maptool support as well as additional A4-versions of the maps, helping those poor Europeans like yours truly enjoy the map. Be sure to download the zip as well, as we get an additional bonus pdf: A 7 page pdf (again with 1 page front cover and a page explaining how-to use the map) of a pinnace, again featuring an overview and blown-up versions of the map including grids. The pinnace also comes with a full-color and b/w version and in both US-Letterpack and A4-formats.

Even better, though, the pdf comes with high-res jpegs of the ships and even 4 png-objects: A ladder, ballista and 2 versions of the ships further enhance the value you get out of this map-pack.


The map-pack is extensively bookmarked (all of the pdfs!) and the maps are absolutely beautiful – the sea especially rocks. The pinnace is a great bonus. However, loath as I am to nag at such a great map-pack, there are some minor problems I can see with this one: There is a lot of sea surrounding the ship and while I really like the look of it, it is an unnecessary drain on the printer and one tile/page of sea that could be used to expand left and right of the ship would have been nice. The ship-graveyard of the same line is a bit better in that regard. I really liked the additional ballista/ladder pngs, but a cannon for the black-powder advocates out there would have been even better. When all’s aid and done, you get a great ship and a lot of nice additional material for your money, but due to the minor inconvenience of the amount of sea surrounding the sip, I’ll settle for a final verdict of 4.5 stars, rounded down to 4 stars for the purpose of this platform.

Endzeitgeist out.

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