NUTS! The Card Game

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NUTS! The Card Game


By Dale Medhurst

Nuts! is a card game by Wildfire in which 2-6 players have to gather nuts worth a total of 20 to win.

Players gain a NUT card from the Nut card draw pile at the beginning of their turn but they can,also, grab other players’ Nuts by using a GRAB card.

Each Nut card has a value on it from the measly 1 to the awesome Nut Henge 7 pointer!

However, when you try to grab an opponent’s nut, or nuts, they may play a DEFENSE card to either block you or make you steal from someone else, depending on the Defense card they play.

There are two other types of card: MAYHEM cards which cause weird things to happen to other players like causing them to miss a turn or making two other players to play rock, paper, scissors, and ANTICS cards which may allow the player to pick an extra nut card or opponents to discard their highest value nut.

imageEach player starts with one Nut Card (the back of the card is brown) and a hand of five play cards (blue back). The Nut cards are p,aced face-up but the players’ hands are hidden. Players’ then take turns to,first, draw another Nut card then play a Grab, Antic or Mayhem card until someone has collected 20 nuts then it’s, “Game over, man!”

The cards have rather rude titles like Grab The Nuts or Whose Got The Biggest Nuts but this humour works on different levels for different ages. Some people find it a wee bit smutty or infantile but humour has always been a personal thing.

There are three things I like about this game. Firstly, it is fast. Most games last no more than twenty minutes so it can easily be played as a filler and people don’t have time to get bored like could sometimes happen in a game of Poo which is the closest thing to this I have played.

Secondly’ it comes in a box small enough to fit in your pocket so it is easily transportable but the box is sturdier than your usual playing cards box; my Poo box is in bad shape.

imageThat sounds soooo wrong!

Third, the art, by Brett Bean, is great! Very cartoony and colourful, it captures the spirit of the game perfectly.

So, in conclusion, Nuts! is a fast, fun game that everyone I have played with has enjoyed and have even asked to play again, always a good sign. For around £7, it’s great value and I’m sure it’ll be played many times in the future. Just don’t expect Magic The Gathering!

Now, this game is simple to learn and can be played with most ages.

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