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races-of-neoexodus[1]By Megan Robertson

Play some of the most exotic races you’ll find just about anywhere!

Publisher’s blurb: "NeoExodus is full of all-new unique races due to the uniqueness of this world. The seven new races in the setting of NeoExodus are very unique in direct contrast to the standard fantasy races individuals might be used to. Each race has a unique and interesting creative background and design that reflect the setting of NeoExodus: A House Divided well. In NeoExodus, players can choose to play Cavian, Cynean, Dalrean, Enuka, Prymidian, P’Tan or Sasori. Cavians are psionic humanoid rats who have a hidden agenda. Cyneans are crystalline-skinned powerful arcane spell casters with a thirst for more arcane knowledge. Dalreans are humanoid mobile plants with a great ecological connection to Exodus. Enuka are beast-like creatures that have evolved to adapt themselves to various harsh environments. Prymidians are crimson-skinned humanoids who are masters in communication and language. P’Tans are shadow-created feline humanoids who were former slaves of the First Ones. Sasori are humanoid scorpions that hold all the deepest and darkest secrets of Exodus."

Louis Porter’s NeoExodus setting is replete with exotic races, and here are a selection detailed for those who’d like to play one of them.

Jumping straight in, we begin with the Cavians, who look a bit like humanoid rats. A mysterious race, known in legend but having been missing from Exodus and just returned to the disquiet of many, they are powerful psionics who can ‘see’ thoughts. The majority live as part of a hive mind in constant mind link with a community of their peers, but characters are more likely to have left it, a state known as ‘severed’ and which leaves the Cavian feeling as if something is missing from his life but freeing him to be capable of more creative thought than those which are mind-linked.

Next come the Cyneans, who are crystalline beings of immense strength both mental and physical, with a particular affinity to magic. If that’s not weird enough for you, try a Dalrean, they are sentient and self-mobile plants! They photosynthesise and communicate with one another by releasing spores, while spell casters sprout brightly-coloured floral spell buds.

Ferocious and primitive, the Enuka are superlative hunters and warriors due to their predator nature, with male Enuka bearing ox-like horns. Many display great variation and mutations are common, creating beings that are exotic indeed. The Prymidians, on the other hand, are scholarly creatures who are intensely curious about, well, everything; but they are no geeks, they are powerful and often arrogant, with a masterly command of language and excellent communication skills. Despite delighting in learning other peoples’ languages, they are remarkably secretive about their own. They’ve devised some fascinating linguistically-based spells too, from causing everyone to speak in incoherent babble to enhancing a target’s language-learning ability.

Then there’s the P’Tans. Created – yes, actually made – to serve the First Ones as a slave race, they have been made capable of reproduction and those who have escaped cherish their independence and freedom dearly. They are physically powerful, with well-muscled and toned bodies covered in short cat-like fur. They wield strange shadow lightnings, a by-product of the process whereby they were created.

Finally come the Sasori, who have the appearance of humanoid scorpions. They can be secretive but adore information, seeking it out whenever they can although sparing in giving it out especially about matters they regard as personal such as their religious practices or even their full names. Their table manners don’t bear thinking about, and their blood is poisonous, bad news for any creature that bites or attempts to eat a Sasori!

Each race is well-illustrated and, although each is exotic and strange, sufficient detail is provided – both mechanically and in flavour text – for an adventurous and strong role-player to take the role on. Excellent if you want to play something really different, or if you want to present your characters with a truly alien race to encounter, even if you are not using the full NeoExodus setting.

Book Details:
Authors: Joshua Cole, Thomas Baumbach, and Louis Porter Jr.
Publishers’ Reference: LPJ9528
ISBN: n/a
PDF, 37 pages
Date: February 2011

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