MTG Latest Duel Deck – Sorin Vs Tibalt

1362073037-60501800[1]Magic The Gathering is a card game that continues to release numerous new collections of cards for fans and players of the game and the new Sorin vs Tibalt cards are the game’s latest duel deck for MTG followers to acquire and enjoy. The cards centre around two non human planeswalkers, Sorin and Tibalt. Sorin uses his wisdom and experience to come to the decision that the humans of Innistrad may struggle to survive the monsters of Innistrad. But Tibalt is a young pain-mage who continues to inflict pain and torment on those in the Multiverse.

The Sorin vs Tibalt deck lists include many different lands, instants, creatures, sorceries, enchantments and of course the planeswalkers themselves. Sorin, whose aim is to hunt and feed includes lands such as the tainted field and enchantments including mark of the vampire and field of souls within his deck list. The Torin, torment and agonize deck list, includes the coal stocker creatures and the terminate instants.

This MTG deck includes singles, foils, sealed products, mythic, rare, uncommon and common cards and is one that many Magic the Gathering fans will be investing in. This latest duel deck is one of many, which sits along side Ajani vs Nicol, Elspeth vs Tezzeret, Knights vs Dragons, Phyrexia vs The Coalition and many more.

Those who purchase the Sorin vs Tibalt duel deck are sure to enjoy an enthralling game of action, a unique experience that can only be found within the mythical world of Magic the Gathering.

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