MTG Dragons Maze – Still A Popular Set

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1366745305-57146300[1]Avid players of Magic the Gathering, will be pleased to hear that they can purchase the popular Dragon’s Maze cards at Magic Madhouse. For the latest Magic the Gathering decks and singles, check out the Dragons Maze cards and order from Magic Madhouse.

“We are pleased to stock the latest Magic the Gathering set. Dragons Maze is available on our online store, with plenty of packs and decks for players to choose from.” Michael Duke from Magic Madhouse

The Dragons Maze is the latest set release from the Magic the Gathering franchise, with singles, boxes, decks and booster cases available in the range. The Dragons Maze contains around 150 cards and is the third set of the Return to Ravnica block. The deck also holds the finale of the Ravnica research carried out by the Izzet League, in which the Dragons Maze is located. The maze leads to an active source of energy which contains immense power, which can eventually control all guilds. A champion is chosen to represent their guild and take on the challenge of the maze and the opposing guilds.

The Dragons Maze set is available to purchase and can be found online at Magic Madhouse. Fans of the game will find booster packs, singles, rares, fat packs, boxes, intro packs and more. This is just one of the many collections from the Magic the Gathering card game, which will sit alongside other MTG sets including Gatecrash, Commanders Arsenal, Avacyn Restored and many more.

The Dragons Maze card set has been a popular choice for Magic the Gathering players. Competitors from around the world have been sourcing their MTG Dragons Maze cards and adding the new decks to their collections. The Dragons Maze range includes a vast selection of cards from which fans of the game can use within game play.

About the game

Magic the Gathering is a popular card game which is played around the world by millions of fans. Since 1993 MTG has grown in popularity and is now a card game that has around twelve million players across the globe. Each year many professional and non-professional players take part in tournaments and competitions in order to win a cash prize.

About Magic Madhouse

Magic Madhouse is a store which offers a wide range of cards for a number of high profile games. Here players can find the latest collections of Magic the Gathering cards, along with Pokemon, World of Warcraft, Yu -Gi – Oh and more. The store always features the latest MTG cards including the most recent release, Dragons Maze.

To order Dragons Maze cards, head to Magic Madhouse and browse their vast array of decks and packs today.


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