MTG: Commander 2013 Edition

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The new MTG pack, Commander 2013 Edition is soon to be released on November 1st 2013. The pack will contain five 100 card decks and each deck includes fifteen new to Magic cards. Each deck will represent a different colour arc and in total, fifty one new cards will be released in total. The new cards will be legal to play in eternal formats including vintage and legacy but will not be legal in standard, block constructed or modern formats.

The Commander 2013 Edition comes after the previous packs recently released from Magic The Gathering, these include Theros, Heroes Vs Monsters and Magic 2014. Commander 2013 includes a red, white, blue, black and green deck. These can be purchased separately or you can buy the complete set together which includes all the colours in one pack.

Magic Madhouse currently offers you the chance to pre-order the Commander 2013 Edition cards. Individual colour packs are available alongside the complete set. You can purchase the sets here –


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