Meet the big boys! A UK Games Expo seminar

UK-Games-Expo-300x336[1]By Paco Garcia Jaen

Organising seminars at conventions is hard work, though they’re also tremendous fun and, when one has the privilege of sharing the space with personalities like the ones in this seminar, it becomes a joy.

This seminar takes four influential names in the board and role playing games industry and puts them in touch with the public, answer questions and and challenge views you didn’t know were there.

Larry Roznai is the president of Mayfair games. Publishers of Settles of Catan, it is probably the best known gate-way game and one of the best sold games of the last two decades. Personally, I can’t wait to see it overtake Monopoly in sales!

Dominic McDowel is the CEO of Cubicle 7, one of the biggest publishers of RPGs with titles under his belt like the Dr Who: Adventures in Time and Space game, the Dr Who Card Game, Primeval, Victoriana, Airship Pirates, Kuro and many, many others.

Mark Wotton is… well… for me he is the President of All Things Cool at Alderac Entertainment Group. In reality, though, he is the Director of Company Development for the company. May not sound as cool as the title I gave him, but is still quite impressive!

Andrew Hackard, from Steve Jackson Games, is the line developer for the Munchkin Line, which means he’s one of the responsible people to ensure all those lovely expansions are really good fun to play and keep coming!

Meet the big boys at the UK Games Expo
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